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by Sherryl Clark | April 3rd, 2013

Lovely to see this review today for Pirate X.

Quote: “Pirate life is brutal and bloody and we see the full scope of what life must have been like aboard these ships. Clark’s research is monumental, the setting so realistic its impossible to separate fact from fiction. The background to the story, meticulously researched, is mind boggling as we descend into the bowels of the ship, haul water or or gunpowder, throw bodies and badly wounded over board, or bombard Charles Town. Clark was entranced with the story of Major Stede bonnet, and in researching him, a failure as a pirate, wrote this book. It is sure to capture a wide and appreciative audience, adding reality to the fantasy of the Pirates of the Caribbean series of films.”

Have to love the acknowledgement of my ten years of research!

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