Pirate X officially sets sail

by Sherryl Clark | September 18th, 2011

With International Talk Like a Pirate Day coming up, it seemed an opportune time to launch Pirate X and have some fun. I was lucky to find a local school that was keen to have a pirate day!

Pirates at St Mary's PS

St Mary’s Primary School at Altona put on a great morning. Beforehand, several of the students had read the novel and they basically did the launch. We had an introduction (to all the lads and lasses present), readings from the book, more readings of great pirate poems, and then I gave a short talk about the research for the book and read a little from it.

Arrr, more pirates!

There were a ton of questions! Some students were interested in pirate history and quizzed me about aspects of Blackbeard, Bonnet and what really happened. Some asked about the writing and ideas. It was a fun morning and we finished up with some jolly good Arrrrrrs!

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  1. This looks like great fun, I love pirates. I am mildly illiterate but I know X marks the spot!

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