Research in pirate country

by Sherryl Clark | May 21st, 2011

In April 2011 I was lucky enough to be able to finally go on my pirate research trip. This involved a long drive starting in Charleston, SC, all the way up the coast to Beaufort, NC, and then to Bath, the tiny town that was originally North Carolina’s capital in the early 1700s.

My writer friend, Kristi Holl, who was researching Civil War enactments, drove for me and we made our way across two states, delving into history. Of course, even the landscape has changed since then – the coast where Bonnet is captures and (in my story) Will escapes and then is picked up by a passing ship is now crowded with houses right down to the beach. In 1718, it was a wilderness!

The model of Queen Anne's Revenge in the Beaufort Maritime Museum

I have many, many photos of everything from doctor’s field operating equipment to birds of the area to old houses and the bell from Blackbeard’s ship. I will be putting lots of them in the photo gallery.

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