Into the final stages

by Sherryl Clark | May 21st, 2011

It’s now May 2011 and we are up to writing the back cover copy and looking at the final tweaks on the cover. I’ll put the cover up here as soon as I can! It’s exciting to see it in black and gold – after so many years, it’s hard to believe it really is going to be a book.

One thing I have learned is that nothing is wasted. Everything I have spent 11 years gathering as research (particularly photos and images) can be shared with you on this site. I have also used much of it in school visits, showing kids all the things I’ve discovered. Who knows – the huge chunks of story I had to cut out may one day be a sequel.

Reefing the sails

Most of all, the research and the constant focus on pirate stories has led to many other books. My fifth Littlest Pirate chapter book will be out in 2012 – The Littlest Pirate and the Stinky Ship. They are so much fun to write! Three of them are now picture books as well.

Mainly what this has led to is a love of writing historical fiction. I’ve now also written four books in the Our Australian Girl series (Penguin Books Australia) which are set in Melbourne in 1900-1901. I have two more historical novels that I’d love to write, although one of them needs a lot of research when I get time. I’ve learned there are many kinds of historical fiction. With Pirate X and the OAG series, I have been at pains to keep the historical background as accurate as possible. With my two new projects, I’m not being as picky as I want more leeway to tell a different kind of story.

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